Terrorism, both foreign and domestic comes in many forms. When it comes to gun related terror, a sad fact is that students of all ages tend to be the target of such terrorists. 

Events in Dunblane, Scotland which led to the ban on handguns in the UK, Erfurt Germany, Realengo Brazil, Westside USA and the violence spreading from shopping malls in Oregon, to movie theatres in Colorado, to college campuses in Virginia, to elementary schools in Connecticut – have been aided by the proliferation of illegally sought and illegally concealed weapons.

In other instances students are bringing guns belonging to parents into school to settle a petty dispute. These firearms, although brought in for bravado and threat, can in the heat of an argument between children, sadly result in a loss of life.

There is a bigger social discussion and no one answer is a panacea to this issue. Radio Physics labs in Manchester UK, in unison with our product team in Salem NH, has developed a technology that delivers critical threat awareness through real-time alerts triggered when a suspect is illuminated with a MIRTLE® device 

MIRTLE® is a technology that enables immediate detection capability by triggering an alert highlighting a concealed threat such as a handgun. A silent alarm can activate a holistic response to contain a target subject. As well, MIRTLE® can be linked to other security technologies to monitor, lock down and limit perpetrator mobility. This provides a critical time window in which actions to preserve life can be carried out.