About us

Radio Physics's mission is to deliver effective portable standoff threat detectors which can be deployed easily anywhere to make our world a safer place.

Radio Physics was founded after recognizing an opportunity to match technological progress in the electronic-semiconductor industry with the requirements of the expanding security markets. As the electronic industry developed capability to mass supply components operating in the millimeter wave spectrum the opportunity was seized to utilize these innovative systems which enhanced performance and reduced costs of imaging, communication and detection products. 

Over the years, Radio Physics has strategically acquired a number of carefully selected, patented technologies which have been incorporated to deliver useful products for its target markets.  

After many months of field trials and demonstrations with security integrators, Radio Physics has recently started marketing the MiRTLE systems. 

To support these marketing activities, Radio Physics has developed a Quality Management Systems which has been independently assessed and accredited to the BS EN ISO 9001:2008 standards.


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